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The TAA Insights is open for 2016 data collection! 
2016 data collection is open on the TAA Insights portal. The survey should take you less than 45 minutes to complete.  You can also use the "copy prior year" function and change only the new data for 2016. This should save you valuable time! The reporting for your 2016 data will be available in March 2017. 

You can still compare 2014 and 2015 reports!
Valuable dynamic trending reports are available to compare your cigar shop with your own year-over year data and also other TAA members. The reports are all displayed in aggregate to protect anonymity. 

The survey is still open to enter data for FY 2015.
The simple survey takes about 45 minutes to complete. It is separated into easy to use sections that you can complete all at once or at your leisure! 

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